Well, I’ve fixed the image problem – but it makes it much lower resolution than I wanted to use… so I’m guessing that some php learning is required… can anyone recommend a good “php for dummies” style book?

btw – I know that php for dummies is an actual book – I’m after other suggestions!!



Well, unless I can work this out, it seems that my install image has kinda bust the blog…. or the blogroll at least!! The width of the image seems to have pushed all the blogroll stuff to the very bottom – as the “central colum” isn’t wide enough to fit it all in….. I’m going to try resizing the image – but I guess I’m going to have to learn some php and work out how to make the colums resize on the fly / automagically…. or even just learn how to make it bigger full stop!!

The Gimp seems pretty good for this sort of stuff – but I’m a total novice with it…. so the image sould get a little fubar’d before I’m through!!


Longhorn / Vista – Installation on Virtual PC

Well….. all I can say is – don’t expect it to be quick…..

Admittedly, I am running it on a P4 1.7Ghz Machine – but there’s been nothing else running for the last 3 hours – and it’s got 512 Mb RAM allocated to the VM – so it shouldn’t have a problem with that….. it just takes ages to complete. I’ve been looking at this for the last 45 minutes…

Enough already!
The progress bar gets to the end, and then starts again….. over and over and over…… I’m sure it’ll be lovely when it’s finished….. I can’t wait!!

I’ll let you know what it’s like in the morning……

On a related note, the memory upgrade for my laptop has been dispatched – I’m buying 512Mb each month (this and next) to upgrade it from 256 to 1Gb – which hopefully will make Vista a more enjoyable experience for all concerned!! Once it arrives I’ll actually start the upgrade process on that – based on this experience, I think the memory might be a killer right now!!



I’ve also just downloaded the Beta of the SyncToy powertoy from Microsoft.

From what I’ve read, it’s designed to keep folders synchronized between machines – so I should be able to sync my photo’s from my PC to my laptop at home for example. I’m currently using SyncBackSE to do this – but the scheduled task only runs once a day – I’ll be very interested if there’s a “real-time” option for this tool – so as I add new photo’s, they’re replicated either straight away – or at least as soon as the machine becomes available – that’s be REALLY nice. If it’s not an option yet, and there’s someone from the team that built it listening – please add it to the wishlist for version 2??


Vista Beta 1

Well, I’ve finally downloaded the ISO from MSDN and started loading it in a Virtual PC VM for a first test. So far, the install seems to be running very smoothly… I’ve been asked where to install it to – and I can play around with the partition sizes etc. I’ve been asked for a Product Key, and that’s about it…..

I’ll be intrigued to see if it picks up my UK keyboard, and how it works out my timezone etc.

If it all goes well, I’m thinking of making my laptop at home a dual boot machine – I have a second hard drive that goes in the multi-bay slot that I currently use for backups….. I might just vape that and try it out as well – to see what performance is like on a dedicated machine rather that a VPC….. I suspect that I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy some more RAM though – the 256Mb I have at the moment is likely to kill performance more that anything.

Plenty more to come in the coming days / weeks I suspect…. 🙂