Longhorn – Install 2

I’m trying it on some spare kit here now – a Compaq d330D P4 2.6 with 512Mb RAM – just as a straight install – stuff the Virtual PC idea….. I’ll post on progress in a bit – in the meantime I need to find my install key …. off to MSDN I go again….. I really should write it down somewhere!! 🙂


Pocket PC / Multi-Monitor / Aux Display Hack

I’m guessing that I’m not the only person who’s going to tie all this together – but I’m amazed at the sudden buzz around SideWindow from Innobec I had a bit of a play with it some weeks ago, and I wasn’t all that impressed to be honest – but maybe I wasn’t thinking far enough outside the box…..

Ed Bott suggests that you could “take as many as nine Pocket PCs and use them as mini-monitors on your desktop, dragging a different widget onto each one” – but who has 9 Pocket PC’s lying around spare… not to mention that many USB ports!!

Phillip Torrone – the ultimate hacker of hardware (and the only man likely to be able to say “I do” to the questions above) comes up with this superb idea for using a Pocket PC and SideWindow to “Make a Windows Vista (Longhorn) Auxiliary Display (now)” it’s just pure genius – and I’m almost tempted to try it our for a laugh!!


Vista Beta 1 – Install completed!

Well, I left the Windows Vista Beta 1 install runing overnight, and it finally completed – and I have to say, I’m fairly impressed!! Given that it’s running in a VM on a 1.7 Pentium, performance is acceptable – the rest of the box is useless whilst it’s running – but what the hell!!

Installing the Virtual PC add-Ons makes a big difference – the graphics are much improved, and performance seems a touch better as well. I suspect that I might have to load it on my 3.4 P4 at home as well – see if that makes things a little happier!!

All in all, not a bad start to the day!