The future of Hello?

OK, it’s time for me to put on both hats – as the third moderator of SpreadHello and as a moderator for SpreadGoogleTalk too, to step in and give my £0.02 worth following on from the posts from Yogarine and Pace-man on the SpreadHello blog.

I’m really not sure where it’s all going…..but, as Pace-Man has also pointed out Google seem to be doing a lot of buying of similar technologies at the moment, Meetro is a prime example – once they expand it for use outside of the US, it could prove to be an interesting addition to GTalk / Hello…. wouldn’t you like to be able to chat with and share photo’s with people physically near to you?

As for how to “integrate” all of these services…. that’s the tricky bit… both Hello and GoogleTalk are superb – but they’re very different….. and I’m not sure how Google could make the two interoperate without ruining both of them. I just hope it doesn’t all go the way of MSN Messenger. There’s a service that once was good, but has become unusable over time (for me at least) – because it’s trying to be everything to everybody….it’s bloatware.

I like the chat and voice stuff in GTalk – it works and the interface is clean and uncluttered. I’ll be intrigued to see how they try to make money out of it – voice recognition and context sensitive ads perhaps? Now that’d be REALLY clever!!

However, I suspect that this is the next step on the way to some form of “GBrowser” or maybe even a “GoogOS“….or maybe I’m just being silly!!

For an extereme version of what might be – check out the excellent flash “story” over at albinoblacksheep good, but scary… but good….:-)

All in all, I’ll be very interested to see how things progress – based on what they’ve done in the past, it should pretty impressive!