GoogOS – Could it be closer than you think?

I think I’ve got it sussed – GoogOS could be just around the corner…..

Just put the core pieces together:

  • Google Secure Access (GSA)
  • A U3-style Device setup with a bootable image
  • The huge amounts of “Dark Fiber” that Google is reported to have been buying up.
  • So, you plug in your Pen Drive anywhere, power up the machine, and away you go – the Image on it boots and connects you to your GoogOS profile using GSA and away you go – search, browse, e-mail (or is that GMail?) throw in a web-based word processor like Writely, Image management through Picasa & Hello, they’ve just launched GoogleTalk for instant messaging and you have what most people need for (at least basic) computing – I know it’d do me for trips away….

    Anyone else excited by the possibility?