Kahuna Invite!!

I’ve got one!!

Following my post here a couple of days ago….. Imran Qureshi has kindly picked me for an invite to the new Hotmail Beta – codename Kahuna!! So he’ll be getting a mail in a moment from me (slimboyfat at gmail.com) to confirm what I need to do etc – this is proof of who I am as much as anything!!

I can’t wait – maybe it’ll be the final thing to move me away from GMail – but I might have to wait until GTalk can talk to MSN Messenger 🙂

Edit – < note to self > Spell check things before you post!! < /note to self > Cheers Grasshoppermind!!

Edit II – FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE – please pay attention to what I’m actually writing…. I DO NOT HAVE ANY INVITES TO GIVE OUT and if I did, I’d be offering them to people I know – or with something worthwhile to offer in return. If you want to try and get an invite read my post here for more info.


23 thoughts on “Kahuna Invite!!

  1. That’s Impossible because me or any other winner of the kahuna invites including Slimboyfat the author of this blog can not send invites has they are limited!

    Care to comment on that Slimboyfat!

    PS. What are you opinions on mail beta so far, I think it’s great!

  2. Darren – I’ve not been “upgraded” yet – but I can’t f&%$in’ wait – suffice to say – any invites I get – will be going to people I _KNOW_ (or someone with something worth offering) – like another beta invite (for something different) in return!!

  3. Yep same here, I have a great friend who would love to join as he loves beta testing new things most of which include products like Msn Messenger.

  4. Have you been upgraded? I’m still on the sucky old interface – no sign of my upgrade…… Although Imran did say it could take a month – but that seems a bit crazy – how can it take a month to migrate 5 people??

  5. Wow, tons of comments for a friggin invite… rofl, just popped in on reccomendation from a friend, we’re both awaiting changeover now, but it looks pretty neat.. Can’t say as i’m ready to jump out of my pants over it, but if it gets me closer to outlook without paying the 19.xx to get outlook.. cool.

    hope your experiance is good!