Need that file you left at home?

We all know the feeling don’t we….. you’ve typed up that important documentation / cv / proposal over the weekend on you home PC, and got to work for the presentation on the Monday morning – and realised that you’ve not e-mailed it to yourself, or brought it on your pen-drive, or it was too big for your mailserver so it was rejected… but you never saw the NDR. That sinking feeling – that feeling of panic….. well no more!!

Foldershare (recently bought by Microsoft) is a superb piece of software that gives you a number of options for getting hold of your files….

As Reeves Little puts it:

FolderShare is perfect for individuals. FolderShare offers both free and for-pay versions of their service. The free version of the service limits the number of files and sub-folders which can be shared as well as the speed of the file sync. I’ve been able to stick to just using the free service by keeping a sub-folder in my documents folder where I put the items I want to share (typically my current work) and moving them out when I’m done.

Yep, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m cheap.

You can syncronize your files (up to 2Gb per file) between machines, in a nice (read quick), secure, encrypted manner – it’s 30 seconds to install and configure it. Install the client, create a username and password and then select the directories you want to sync. Foldershare calls each of these a library – and each library can contain up to 10,000 files! You can then invite other foldershare users to your libraries, or just install the client on other machines – et voila! your files are available to you.

Alternatively, once you have the client installed on a PC – you can sign-in to the website from any web browser, and look at the contents of your PC(s) – any drive or folder – regardless of wether or not it forms part of a library.

So, as you can see – the days of “….. Oh Shit! I left the (very important) document at home!” panic are over….. and the very best bit…..the price:


try it – you might like it, Omar does!!

I should probably point out that I value Omar’s opinion more than some – as he and his team gave me a Kahuna Invite!! So I’m a little biased 🙂

One final little note – the Mac version is available again now I see – so rejoice ye Zealots!!