Upgrades – software and work…

Well, I’ve done it and finally upgraded to WordPress 2, and I have to say it was stupidly easy!! Apart from some hardware problems (my laptop freezing twice as I was uploading the new files) it was utterly painless.  I’ve also upgraded to Spam-Karma 2.1 – to ensure that the junk stays out of my comments….

The new interface is lovely – just a bit cleaner and “nicer” that the previous version, the editing tools are superb as well…. the preview is massively improved from previous versions (create a post and click ‘Save and Continue Editing’ then scroll down to see what I mean…) 

I know I promised to post more, and I will – a new role beckons working in telecoms (on the web hosting side of things) so it should start getting interesting…. I’ve got to have a medical and get my references checked… and a “security check” but it’s all OK!!

More updates to follow as things progress……


MSN Live Messenger

Invites available – i’m looking for MEANINGINGFUL comments – not the usual pleading….. impress me – show me some GOOD new software – show me something funny – give me a reason to give you an invite…..

The oppourtunity is there – PLEASE take it!!