Hardware disasters – aka why I take backups….

Hardware glitches….. well, shall we start with the dying hard disk? One drive in my external firewire box decided to die last week – of course it’s the one with all my photo’s on, and where all the music is ripped to (490 Albums at last count) so you can imagine my horror when it wouldn’t come back online – it’s been giving me problems for a couple of weeks – just dropping off and requiring a reboot of the PC and the Array to get it back….

Luckily I have some good backup software and I keep two copies of all that sort of data – wasteful in some ways – but disk space is cheap!! I found out how cheap disk space is with a bit of digging around for a replacement drive – I have a spare that was dropped in – but now I need a new spare!! I’ve not decided if I should start a round of upgrades to 250Gb drives from 120’s or just be cheap for the time being and get another 120 as a like for like replacement. I’ll keep you posted of what I find / decide on…

Whilst I was searching I found a Fujitsu 80Gb Laptop drive on E-Bay (brand spanking new, for £88 delivered to my door the following morning) this will allow me to do a load of juggling of disks amonst the laptops here and improve the data redundancy somewhat. At present I have a pair of 30Gb drives in my Laptop (a Compaq Evo N600c) but I have to use the MultiBay slot – so I have no optical drive most of the time…. just a little frustrating 🙂  I intend to upgrade this to have the 80Gb drive in it and drop the pair of 30’s into Becca’s Armada M700 (along with a RAM upgrade also found on E-Bay) to turn that into a useful machine at long last (there’s minimal chance that she’ll need an optical drive – I hope!!)

Once all this is completed and I get sign-off from Becca, I’ll probably upgrade the PC to run SBS 2003 and have a domain in the house – central storage and offline files, combined with Foldershare for additional redundancy and music / photo syncronisation across multiple machines, we should be on to a winner! I then just need to find somewhere to “hide” the PC as it’s pretty noisy – and I’d like to get it out of the study and into a cupboard (understairs stylee) of some description – run it headless and use remote desktop as required to do admin….. but we shall see…


New Job!

I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of stuff for a while, lots has been going on in the household, Wedding plans are entering the final stages, a new job starts tomorrow, and a couple of minor hardware glitches and upgrades have taken up the remainder of my time…. so expect a flurry of posts today!

The new job – I start work for Manx Telecom tomorrow (Monday 13th Feb 2006) in the Hosting team – so I’ll become responsible for a number of aspects of the online services that MT offer, including ManxNet Mail…. they seem very keen to provide training – so I hope to be MCSE & (hopeully) CCNA


Latest upgrades….

Hopefully this post will work… my first attempt failed for no obvious reason – but I suspect it may have something to do with the abomination that is Internet Explorer 7… it’s like IE 4 – but more horrible (remember the active desktop?) the Beta 2 preview release is a crock, and will be coming off tonight…. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for a version that works properly with SpamKarma (the one saving grace of IE7 is that the previews of captured spam work as they should… like they do in Firefox….)

An update from IE6 is badly needed – but please give up with the RSS integration (FeedDemon works just fine thanks), and put the buttons back where they were…. and what’s with the Blue Boobs?

 Anyway enough of a rant… WordPress 2.0.1 is now available…so I guess I should upgrade that as well…. at least it’s not BETA!! Why oh why didn’t I wait a day or two more before upgrading??