Excuses time…..

I guess I need to give a reason for the lack of activity on the blog recently….. but I do have a valid excuse – I got married!!

Yes, as of April 8th 2006 I ceased to be a single man (not that I’ve been truly single for 2.5 years now…..) Since then I’ve been off enjoying the delights of Athens, Santorini, and Rome for a fortnight – more to follow in a later post that will include some photo’s (and some bitching about a certain Greek airline and their slightly broken ideas on customer service hint: they fly around the Aegean….)

The big day went extremely well, the weather was a bit dodgy early on – 20 minutes before the bride arrived I was stood outside the church in torrential hail (I’m not sure what the right work to describe that much hail is – but torrential gives you an idea…) Thankfully it cleared just as Becca went to get in the car, and by the time we left the church, we were bathed in bright sunshine and surrounded by blue skies!

I’ll do a proper post about it all in a few days – at the moment I’m struggling to get back into the swing of work and home – the house is a bomb-site of cards and presents –  not to mention washing and nik-naks for people we picked up on our travels.

But at least I’ve made some sort of excuse about the lack of posts recently!