Money – apparently it makes the world go ’round

Silly me – I always thought it was some sort of gravitational phenomenon 🙂

Seriously though – whilst I do this “blogging thing” for a bit of a laugh – you can tell how seriously I take it by the frequency of my posts!! – it’s be nice to cover some of my hosting costs (currently a few $ per month with CrystalTech) so I’ve opened an Adsense account with Google – I’ll see how it goes – any comments good or ad gratefully received!!  Enough feedback and I may even turn them off – I’m jus intrigued to see what sort of adds they provide and if I get any hits!

Anyway… more posts to come – there things at CES that I REALLY like the sound of…….  


1 thought on “Money – apparently it makes the world go ’round

  1. Well .. I monitise my blog in two ways; Adsense is one, but I also use another service that basically pays you to blog about stuff .. which is cool .. Drop me a line if you want more info …