Now for the things I’m NOT excited about….

MacWorld – usually a love-fest for Steve Jobs, and all things IPod…. has proved that apple fan-boys are even more full of shit than I thought they were….. where’s the innovation in this?

  • Music Player – been done.
  • Touch Screen – see it before.
  • E-Mail – yep, got that. Web Browser – yawn…..
  • Ooooh, hang on – oh…. no it’s EDGE (not  a lot of use in the UK) – not 3G / HSDPA – so not worth having for data really in this day and age…..

Where’s the “Breakthrough Internet Device”? All I see is a bunch of things my Ipaq 3970 could do with my bluetooth enabled phone 3-4 years ago – OK so it’s all in one piece of hardware now – but it’s not exactly NEW….. My E61 will do all of the above – and it’s 3G…… 🙂

As for the AppleTV announcement – can I be any more underwhelmed? It’s not 1080i – just 720i so it’s not Hi-Def enough for my liking…. and it’s all DRM’d up – the usual Apple “Fairplay” bullshit – so I can share the content with 3 TV’s in my house – big fuckin’ deal – I still need to cable them together somehow as far as I can see…. what use is that?

Steve – I’m sorry to say this – but I just don’t give a shit…. I’d LOVE a MacBook Pro – running Vista of course….. 🙂 but OSX would be nice to play with now and again…. but the whole “I-<insert random name here>” thing fails to get my juices flowing…. I like to rip my CD’s to MP3 without DRM and be able to move them around and put them on whateve device I like – I HATE the idea of being tied into a bullshit ecosystem that means that I can’t change to the device that I like….

</rant> 🙂


2 thoughts on “Now for the things I’m NOT excited about….

  1. hi there

    i agree with some of your comments. i’m holding my judgement on the iphone until i see it and get to play with it. these devices are all about the user experience not what you can make it do with lots of time and effort. convergence is a good thing and i hope that the trend continues into the territory of truly useful and well constructed devices. however, the iphone web browsing is a new interface. but will people really want full internet browsing when they’re on their mobile netwrok? it will be different when wi-fi is free and widespread in all urban areas.

    the i-something naming philosophy is getting a bit annoying…

    i must diasagree with you on a few things though. itunes doesn’t rip you music with fairplay drm. it never has unlike wmp. the default format aac (dolby, nokia etc designed) files are yours to do with as you please. you can even play them on a zune if you wish. you can rip to mp3 if you want to.

    drm in general is annoying but at least you know where you are with fairplay. 5 computers, as many ipods as you like and unlimited burns to cd. what about wma/wmv drm?

    as for apple tv i’m not interested but you mean 720p not i. and 720 is the us standard adopted for hdtv cos it copes with high speed movement (sport) better than 1080i because there isn’t the overhead of de-interlacing the frames. 1080p would be a different ballgame. 🙂

    so to finish off if you don’t like a bullshit ecosystem that means you can’t change to the device you like….. oh, but whatever operating system you use there are ties. micorsoft has plenty of those. it just happens to have steamrollered everyone else for the time being.

    good day to you.

  2. Sorry for the dealy in replying…. I really need to find some way of notifying me when someone posts a comment – but I have sooo few readers I can’t quite be arsed – I think this is the first comment where my response has been more than a few words….

    I’m using OSX and Windows (Vista & XP) and I have to say that I realise that some of my details might have been a little off… I’m not always 100% accurate in rant mode – but I’ll bpick you back up on some of your points…. Media Player gives you the option to add DRM (or not) when you rip your first cd… you can turn it off again at any point – so there’s lots of flexibility…. I can burn all of my wma’s to cd again – as ¨normal¨ cCD’s I can play in the car – or as MP3’s (admitedly I think I might need a plugin for that – but that’s my fault for not ripping them as mp3’s in the first place – but I like the quality / file size tradeoff I get from wma….

    I have to say all in all… after a couple of weeks with a MacBook Pro – I like the hardware – it’s beautifully put together (if a little hot on the knees) but the OS is nasty – it’s not intuative – maybe I’m biased after 15+ years of windows use – but it’s just not that obvious how I find stuff like network settings or file sharing – yes running Itunes is a doddle – but it decided to rearrange my synced copy of my MP3’s (gotta love foldershare) and so it duplicated everything – not good @ ±35Gb of data…. full disks very fast for no obvios reason… hehehe but now I’ve setup Bootcamp – I can run Xp on it and I’m a happy bunny again…. I’m just looking forward to being able to try out Vista on it – but I need some time to play and Apple / Microsoft to realise that they should play nice and work together to make drivers compatible – there’s some things I liked about OS/X (stuff for another post on another day) but I like more about Vista – but it’s what ¨I know¨ …..

    Anyway – I’ve burbled enough for one night – another couple of weeks and some more time to think about it and I will start putting a post or three together about what I like / dislike about Vista & OS/X