More things I like :-)


I’ve sold my big Acer laptop and the cash has been put towards a new toy 🙂

I’ve ordered a HP Mini-Note 2133 from E-Buyer (their UK pricing was considerably better than even HP themselves!). In order to keep it all shiny and protected I’ve also ordered and sleeve-case from Waterfield Designs and I have to say it was one of the best examples of customer service I’ve come across in years!

I placed my order, it’s simple as all things on the web these days are… and a few hours later I got an e-mail from Gary (the founder) asking for some more info about my address (apparently "British Isles" doesn’t count as a proper country in the States 🙂 ) after a quick explanation that UK or Great Britain would suffice, it was all good. 

I’ve had a couple more messages back and forth with them since then, confirmation of exactly what was ordered and a dispatch confirmation. All in all I have to say, I am extremely impressed! I’ll post more once it arrives – but I have no doubt that I’ll  have nothing but positive things to say. 🙂