Microsoft SyncToy – is it any good?

The answer would seem to be Yes…. and No….

I installed it a couple of days ago – but couldn’t quite be bothered to do anything with it…. it all looked a bit clunky and not very nice to use (plus it kept objecting – spuriously I might add – to me selecting a folder on a UNC path)

Well, last night I sat down to have a proper play with it, and it’s actually quite good – for certain specific tasks…. taking a backup of your music collection for example – it doesn’t change all that often – but the sync is a manual job… so you need to remember to run it after you rip some more CD’s.

Not being able to schedule syncs is a bit of a bummer – but I have SyncBackSE for my regular backups, and this will do nicely for keeping my music collection and important documents available when I travel.

So for a 1.0 BETA release of an unsupported and free PowerToy I’ll give it 7.5 / 10