Rant O’Clock….

OK, it’s been one of those evenings…… I was in the middle of a post about how cool Microsoft Update is – I logged in to be greeted with a message that there were new updates for my machine – and did I want to install them? Of course, I took a quick look to see what they were before I made a decision – an Outlook Junk Mail filter update was ready – so I started the install – complete bonus having Office updates delivered as well – it just makes life so much simpler….

So half way through typing – a pop-up appears telling me that I need to reboot, yes reboot for an Outlook component!! I mean WTF???????

I chose the option to reboot later (outlook wasn’t running at the time – so what difference would it make?) I wanted to add a little something to the bottom of the post about this – a mini-rant if you like….. so I click on “later” and carry on typing… everyone’s happy and I continue typing…. I go to click on a category for the post, one I’ve spent 20 minutes+ working on with lots of links and praise of Microsoft – next thing I know my machine’s shutting down…..

“What happened?” I hear you ask…..

The f^&*ing pop-up reappeared – and the default option is Reboot – I have my mouse pointer set to snap to default options in dialog boxes – so I’d clicked reboot.

Unhappy customer – all because of a default option… how’s about an “are you sure?” option – or do I just need to make sure I always have another user logged in on my machines when I patch them? :-p