I’m alive!!

It’s been too long since my last post – over a month….. but I’ve been busy – honestly!!

I was finally made redundant (after 2.5 years notice) at the end of November, so I have been fairly occupied with the hunt for a new job, not to mention having my first holiday since February! The final week at work was fairly chaotic as well – completing a number of projects and handing over those that would not be completed in time.

It’s nice to be out though – the last year or so has been a bit of a roller-coaster emotionally, my girlfriend agreed to marry me this time last year, then my father suffered a fairly massive stroke at the age of 57 in July – his recovery has amazed everyone from family and friends to the medical team who have treated him over the last 5 months. Finally finishing work was a huge relief – it’s meant I’ve had more time to spend doing the important stuff and not worrying about projects that are my problem – but out of my control!

The job hunt continues – but I’m hopeful that something will come up in the new year – but nothing is guaranteed in this life – so if you know of anyone who’s looking for technical project staff or infrastructure techies in the Isle of Man – please give me a shout – or leave a comment!!

I promise that come the New-Year I’ll start reading blogs again and posting any interesting snippets I find – but time has been short this last month.