Google discrimination?

Now, I’ve always found the concept of “US English” & “British English” rather amusing – English is English – and so by definition, it comes from England (or Britain if you like…) So americans spell some stuff wrong…. that’s their perogative I guess….

But Google, the “Do NO Evil” company… how could you discriminate so? I was reading fellow ManxMan Dan Karran’s Blog, and I came across this rather interesting little factiod.

It seems that if you change you regional settings away from US English then the much publicised changes to GoogleTalk are not available to you…. no chat window in your inbox – I just presumed that I was unlucky not to have it yet…. but no, I was daft enough to ammend my local settings to UK English – heaven forbid! I live in the UK (give or take a technicality – it’s strictly a Crown Dependency and part of the British Isles rather than the UK – but who’s splitting hairs?)

More importantly – I was missing the MUCH Hyped Delete button – what’s going on Google? Does delete mean something different in US English? Has your localisation team been too busy to translate?

I’m disappointed to say the least…..


New stuff….

If there’s one thing in life that makes me happy (other than Becs!) it’s getting new stuff. That feeling of anticipation when you find the little green card on the doormat (the one from the postman that says “I tried to deliver something that’s too big for your letterbox.”)

I got home yesterday to find a card indicating that there were 3 (yes 3!!) parcels waiting for me at the post office…. two of them are slightly boring (and entirely un-tech related) things for my impending wedding, and one was a huge box from the USA – I’ve been waiting for this box for what feels like forever….

I found the contents of the box through Tom Coates over at and this post in particular (Tom – they ARE toasty!). The box contained two Slankets, one for me and one as a belated birthday present for my father*

What can I say – other than they are SUPERB!! I am hugely impressed with the customer service which included a personal e-mail (not a system generated robotic notification) when they shipped, and most incredibly, a HAND-WRITTEN note in the box….  Gary, can I just say “the UK loves the Slanket right back!!”

The whole experience is one that should be an example to small businesses everywhere about how to sell on the web, and earn the respect (and referrals) of your customers – this post is just the start, the boys have got themselves an evangelist right here in the UK – I’ll tell everyone I can about these wonderful blankets. So, stop reading this – get out there and buy one!!

* Dad suffered a stroke last July and I thought it was the perfect thing for him – for those days when he needs a quick snooze mid-afternoon (which is most days at the moment) – Love ya Dad!!